Handmade croissants Made in Italy in ceramic

Available colors: sugar, white, shell pink, cappuccino, red and rose gold

Price including box Paola Rolando Creazioni

Box dimensions: 14x14 cm

Height (including seedling): 15/20 cm

Width: 4 cm

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Pianta grassa in cornetto singolo opaco

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  • Plants are the perfect metaphor for love : they are born, grow, and last over time thanks to the attention of those who take care of them. This beautiful croissant can be a perfect gift for anyone! Add, in case of a gift, a personalized note that we will send together with the croissant, making it unique and unforgettable!


    NB This product is made by Italian master craftsmen and imperfection is an added value that wants to underline and remember the total craftsmanship of the workmanship!

  • SUCCULENT : Le piante grasse sono molto resistenti e non vogliono essere quasi mai innaffiate. Riescono a vivere con l'umidità dell'aria, necessitano invece di molta luce, anche diretta.